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Professional Summary

With over a decade of experience in project management, data analysis, marketing, and business development, Folake is committed to delivering exceptional business success. As a certified professional in PMP, Scrum Master, and Data Analysis, she possesses a robust technical skill set combined with strong business acumen. Her goal is to drive results and achieve project objectives with precision and efficiency.

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Folake Suleiman
PMP, Scrum Master and Business Analysis
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Skills and Expertise

Folake brings a comprehensive set of skills and expertise to the table, including:

Team Leadership

Guiding and motivating cross-functional teams to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Project Management

Leading and executing projects from initiation to successful completion.

Marketing Strategy

Crafting innovative marketing plans to drive brand growth and market penetration.

Business Development

Identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities to foster revenue expansion.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Building strong relationships with clients to enhance satisfaction and retention.

Data Analysis

Leveraging data-driven insights to inform strategic decision-making and optimize business performance.

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Key Achievements

Folake has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results and driving revenue growth. Some key achievements include:

  • Identifying and seizing new business opportunities, resulting in significant revenue expansion for multiple organizations.
  • Establishing strategic partnerships and alliances to enhance market presence and expand business reach.
  • Implementing effective marketing strategies that led to increased brand recognition and customer acquisition.
  • Leveraging data analysis to inform business decisions and drive improvements in operational efficiency.
  • Successfully managing and delivering complex projects within budget and timeline constraints.
  • Providing strong leadership to teams, fostering collaboration and achieving exceptional project outcomes.

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