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Business Development & Partnership Expansion

As the Business Development Specialist at Intouch Limited, Folake spearheaded successful business development initiatives focused on expanding market reach and establishing strategic partnerships. Taking a proactive approach, she conducted thorough market research to identify potential partners and opportunities for collaboration.

Folake utilized her keen analytical skills to assess market trends, competitor analysis, and customer needs. Armed with this knowledge, she identified organizations that aligned with Intouch Limited’s goals and values, presenting mutually beneficial opportunities for growth and expansion. Through a strategic and consultative approach, Folake engaged in negotiations, highlighting the value proposition and synergy between the companies.

Working closely with the executive team, Folake navigated complex deal structures and contract negotiations, ensuring that agreements were favorable and aligned with the long-term vision of both organizations. Her professionalism, tenacity, and ability to build rapport contributed to the successful establishment of strategic partnerships.

Outcome: Folake’s efforts in business development and strategic partnerships had a significant impact on Intouch Limited’s growth and success. The collaborative ventures and new partnerships she forged resulted in a remarkable 40% increase in business opportunities and revenue growth. By expanding the company’s market reach and leveraging the strengths of the partner organizations, Intouch Limited achieved sustainable growth and enhanced brand presence.

Client Testimonial: “Her exceptional business development skills and her ability to identify and secure strategic partnerships were invaluable to our company’s growth. Folake’s professionalism, dedication, and market insights ensured a successful expansion into new markets. Through her efforts, we were able to establish partnerships that have positively impacted our business. We highly value her expertise and recommend her for any business development initiatives.” – Azal Dean, CEO, Intouch Limited.